“High energy and full of useful information. Speakers and staff have an excellent knowledge base of topics discussed. Great program, Great Information, Great People”

Dr. Harman VA

“Wow! What an amazing weekend! I am an E4D user for the last two years and wish I knew about this course from the beginning. Dr Suh brings so much information knowledge, and practical tips to you in a comfortable and genuinely profound way. Heather is amazing! The two of them will inspire you and your team without fluff or pretense. Get ready to improve your practice on Monday.”

Dr. Peter Katris IL

“It was a great course. I would highly recommend this course to all E4D dentists and assistants. You MUST take it! Dr Suh and Heather are very welcoming and the best teachers you will ever have. LOVED the 5th Gear.”

Nisveta Greljo

“Great presentation. Very helpful information from start to finish”

Betty Valdivia

“Dr. Suh is a very engaging speaker, while I feel the first day of the course was more beneficial for the doctors, I was able to take away a lot of useful and relevant information. Heather, as usual, is awesome and very helpful! Great job guys :)”

Stephanie Yanzuk

“I am so glad I came to this program. I have learned so much and cannot wait to put all my new knowledge to use in my office. Thank you so much for a great experience.”

Kelly Fisk

“The best course I’ve ever attended in my 17 yr career. The material and attention to explain and the effort invested to educate by Dr Suh and Heather is tremendous. I am going to book to my office with tons of information that I can apply in my day-to-day practice. The course stands out from others by far with how much I benefited from attending in comparison to other courses. Looking forward to more that I will be attending in the next month. I LOVE it!!”

Dr Saba

“Sincerity and passion were present from presenters along with good content. The adhesive discussions were powerful and helpful especially for assistants who may not grasp the importance of every step and detail.”

Dr Gratz

“Excellent course, my team and I got a lot out of this. All the bonding information presented was very applicable and useful for my team and me. I was very useful for the team to prep. Heather’s presentation was excellent and very applicable.”

Dr. A Ganji

“Great presentation. Enjoyed all of the hands on that was implemented. Very helpful.”

Patty Rodriguez

“The 5th Gear program is an enthusiastic, information filled, compassionate course. Its informal presentation allows for plenty of discussion between student and instructor. It allows for immediate implementation upon return to work Monday morning. I am thankful for the opportunity at attend.”

Dr Farley

“This has been the best opportunity for me to really grasp a lot more of the concepts that my doctor has taught me. Love that the group size is kept small to allow more time for individual questions! Would recommend this course to anyone! Had a great time learning!”

Kaylin Perotti

“By far the most comprehensive coverage on occlusion and how it specifically related to CAD CAM design. Adhesive information was an eye opener! Thanks, Heather, Ed, and Team!”

Dr Munar

“All participants rated all categories 5 out of 5.
Thank You for offering this class. It was very well thought out and I learned a lot. You guys are an amazing team and I look forward to seeing and learning from you again.”

Kristi R- Gillette WY

“By far my favorite class this year or possibly ever. The class was amazing. You guys made every moment worth it. I loved the people and most of all I walked away with so much more than I have anywhere else. Thank you for letting us use your office. You are all fabulous. So freaking awesome it will BLOW your mind!!”

Ashley B- Gillette WY

“It was a great class. We will be able to take things back to implement on day 1. “

Dr David P- Gillette WY

“Best training I ever attended “

Penny L –Farmington Hills MI

“This was a wonderful experience and all I can say is thank you for the training and all of the information and knowledge that you gave me on this 2 day course.”

Carlos E-Inglewood CA

“Ya’ll are my favorite!
Thank you so much-Always so helpful on improving my design technique and most important improving my design time! Great info, learned a lot on proper occlusion. Both days were great! “

Meredith S- Birmingham AL

“Very practical instruction. Information that can help me take care of my patients better. With advancements in technology, it is important to know how to use it for its intended use.”

Dr. Isam E

“This course far surpassed my expectations. Every presenter was passionate and clear. Dr Ed-awesome presenter You ROCK! Making the investment and traveling from the Bahamas was worth every penny. Looking forward to the next course!!!”

Dr. Anette W-Nassau Bahamas

” Both presenters were very good in the material they presented and were very open to answering questions. Heather and Dr Suh’s hands on times were very helpful. The information I gained from this course should take at least half an hour off of my Emax same day times and make us more productive.”

Dr Amir G-WA

“Excellent! Dr Suh was great and Heather is the bomb. Fulfills a real need in E4D education. The prep practice was excellent. And it helps integrate the lecture and implementation. “

Dr. Larry H- GA

“Excellent class!!!I thought I knew a lot about E4D until I came to this class. “

Mitzie J SC

“Very practical and informative course-Dr Suh and Heather are SO knowledgeable in crown and bridge and E4D. I feel very confident to return home and use the information learned on technique and new supplies. My only regret is that I didn’t bring my assistants-Thank You! “

Dr. Dennis S-CA

“Very helpful info. The hands on portion was helpful with designing restorations.”

Heather CDA SC

“Very well organized. Good information. Different from Texas training. Many good pointers.  Good presentation in an easy to follow format. Great tips and tricks. “

Dr. Jason W NJ

“Course was wonderful Enjoyed all of it. Great hands on. “

Dr. Douglas J- NC

“Great course! I’m so glad we are able to attend. Thanks for the hospitality and load of information. “

Dr. Jamie G- SC

“Good, informative course. Well worth the time and money spent. I feel like I can go home and apply the new concepts on Monday. “

Louise –CDA-FL

“Dr. Suh is teaching us material that is very relevant to a contemporary dental practice today. I like his combination of practical knowledge and technology. This program is a must for any practice wanting to implement the skills to be productive with E4D. “

Dr. Larry S-FL

“It was a great course. Dr. Suh and Heather did a wonderful job making the material easy to comprehend and adapt into daily office. Keep up the good work! Ready for the next course! “

Kristi CDA-GA

“Advanced Anterior 2013
If you own an E4D this program is the best way to maximize your RDI. “

Dr.Larry S- FL

“Many great points and general help for all aspects of dentistry. Great to see all of the possibilities! Great people, fun atmosphere, very insightful. I would come back ANYDAY!”

Dr.Jason W- NJ

“Thanks for presenting such a great seminar. You took such great care of us making for a wonderful experience all around. “

Dr.David F OH

“Very helpful. Makes me realize I have so much to learn, our education never ends. “

Dr. Glen W- BC Canada

“Lots of things to apply next week and to integrate into my practice.”

Dr. David S-DDS- SC

“Great program with great hands-on component. Dr Suh, Heather, and the whole team were amazing and will go above and beyond expectation. Lee Culp is an outstanding technician that provides details in a easy and practical approach. Highly recommend this course!”

Dr. Raed Y – Ontario Canada

“As Always, I gained so much info pertinent to our practice and everyday problems. Appreciate the team makes every aspect so smooth.”

Louise – Brandon FL

“I feel more comfortable with the E4D technology now and look forward to integrating more into my office.”

Dr. Raj U- NJ