You have had your PlanScan for a while now, you have gotten in a pretty smooth grove but you can’t seem to kick it into Fifth Gear yet? Our advanced posterior concepts course will allow you and your team to focus in on your workflow and design protocols. Dr. Edmond Suh and the esteemed Heather Hennen will spend 2 intense days providing participants with insights into how to work with more complex indirect procedures. We will work on multiple posteriors, inlays and onlays using chairside CAD/CAM technology. Participants will learn how to use effectively and efficiently plan, prep, design, lab quality restorations from your in office with the PlanScan system. Wait we are not done yet! All participants will walk through proper adhesive technique, occlusal adjustments, and stream-line design for the 80 minute E.max appointment.  Fifth Gear participants will learn the power of partial coverage restorations in differentiating your practice from those around you. We know that many doctors have had struggles understanding the basics of these restorations that they have tossed their opportunity right out the door of their practice..  Dr. Suh will remove the stigma and confusion behind these restorations during this course and teach you how to have fun prepping less tooth and getting insurance companies to pay for them!

Course Objectives:

  • Proper adhesion techniques for ultimate case success
  • Learn our 80 minute E.max appointment sequence and start beating our time
  • Simplified preparation design for inlays, onlays and partial coverage crowns
  • Learn how insurance companies accept inlays and onlays
  • Full day of design, design, design
  • Application of basic occlusal concepts when designing your restorations

Instructors: Dr. Edmond Suh & Heather Hennen DAII CDD

Course fee: Doctor or 1st Attendee: $2,995
Each Additional: $1,395

Course Date: May 3 -4, 2019

Shift Into 5th Gear!

Space is limited for each course. Ensure your attendance by registering today!