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The Holistic Approach to Employee’s Well Being

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employees well beingHealthy employees equate to a healthy business. The fact is that healthy employees mean an increase in productivity and morale, and improves engagement among everyone in the office. So, the bottom line is not the only aspect of a business that is impacted.

A recent study, conducted by Workforce and Virgin Pulse, polled both management and HR professionals to determine what they felt had the most significant impact on their well-being. Results indicate that 48.4% of subjects chose physical energy, emotional drive, and mental focus as the top priority when keeping their well-being in check. If you are looking for holistic methods for supporting the well-being of your employees, keep reading.

Financial Health

Stressing about financial concerns can really get your employees down. More than 70% of employees polled by Quantum Workforce Solutions stated they would like a standard-of-living raise from their employer. Sadly, only about 40% of employers implement this type of annual raise. Research indicates employees who experience financial security tend to engage better at work.

How you can help – consider giving your employees an annual cost of living pay increase, instead of only focusing on performance-based raises.

Emotional Drive

Employees become emotionally invested in a company by feeling invested in their company’s mission, values, and culture, which impacts their engagement. That feeling of connection tends to drive their work efforts and helps them achieve goals.

How you can help – remind your team of why they do what they do. Their work is more than just completing mundane tasks. Consider a volunteer opportunity that includes the office staff. Focusing on a goal, outside of work, and striving to reach it together will help boost your team’s morale.

Mental Focus

Offices everywhere are flooded with employees that experience job burnout, which greatly impacts the success of a business. Paid days off are a nice way to refresh but not all employees will take advantage of these days as a chance to regain their focus. When employees are bogged down with stress, they are unable to focus and may fall behind in their duties.

How you can help – Try offering designated breaks to your employees. Better yet, make these breaks mandatory. You could even hire a massage therapist to come on-site and provide massages to your staff. Talk about a stress reliever! You could also consider an office lunch, and either have a nice meal catered or take your staff out every once in a while.

Physical Energy

Although breaks sound nice, we all know how busy a dental office can be throughout the day, running from operatory to operatory, to the front of the office and back again. Often, a busy schedule means employees fall behind on their other duties around the office, such as stocking rooms, filing patient charts, and the like.

How you can help – consider scheduling out other office duties to designate time for these necessary tasks. To help boost physical energy, providing time for employees to energize through physical activity, without taking away from their day, helps them recharge. You could organize group walks around your building, or bring in some gym equipment (if your office has room).

We understand how busy the days are but in essence, employees are what drive any business. If they suffer from burnout, are not focused, and drained mentally and physically, their job performance will suffer. Take care of your employees and they will take care of you.

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