Dr. Ed Suh

Dr Ed SuhEdmond W. Suh, DDS is a graduate of The Ohio State University College of Dentistry, and the Advanced General Dentistry Residency at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He owns and operates a general dental practice in Wake Forest, North Carolina, just north of Raleigh. The practice focuses on treatment ranging from basic general dentistry to full rehabilitations to TMD therapy.
Dr. Suh is fast becoming one of the most recognized names in the field of contemporary dentistry. His down to earth, real life approach to systematically implementing contemporary techniques into the private practice is what has made him highly sought after as a speaker. From esthetic principles, simplifying complex adhesive protocols to streamlined practice management, the topics covered are true to life and have resulted in many success stories both here in the US and Internationally. Dr. Suh is currently serving as a Featured Lecturer and as a Regional Director for the Las Vegas Institute for Dental Learning and is the former clinical director for the Nash Institute for Dental Learning. Dr. Suh is an Adjunct Professor at the UNC School of Dentistry, and serves on the Board of Contemporary Product Solutions. Dr. Suh also serves as a Key Opinion Leader for several dental manufacturers.
Dr. Suh is on the board of directors for the US based 501(c)3 Catalyst International and internationally on Serving Lives International (SLI). SLI is responsible for ministering to North Korean refugees located in the northern tip of China. The organization has three branches: an orphanage (for children whose parents were either imprisoned or executed by the North Korean government), providing food into North Korea, and providing refuge for North Korean refugees in China. He also spent a week on the coast of Mississippi the month after Hurricane Katrina hit, aiding in the recovery effort, and most recently he flew to Haiti as part of the relief effort for the devastating earthquake that hit the area.
Locally, Dr. Suh serves as the Restorative Director for the Raleigh NuImage Study Club. He is also on the board of directors for the Wake Forest Community Response Team, and the dental director for Fostering Bright Futures, an organization committed to providing higher level education for foster children.
Most recently Dr. Suh provided pro-bono care in January to the 22 children of the world acclaimed African Children’s Choir. The Choir is currently based in the triangle area while touring all over the country. In addition, each year, Dr. Suh chooses a number of families based upon financial need to provide pro-bono care. This has been an on-going effort since his first year in practice.