Advanced Posteriors-Onlay/Multiple Units

* Recommended to be the first course
80 Minute Emax, Conservative Preparation, Predictable Adhesion & Occlusion, Simplified Design, Optimize Esthetics

Advanced Anteriors

Case Planning, Hands-On Prep, Live Case Delivery, Simplify Adhesion, Advanced Design & Finishing

Ultimate Assistant I

Simplify Design, Improve Overall Chair Time, Increase Esthetics, Understand Material Care

Ultimate Assistant II

Design More Complex Cases, Advanced Esthetics, Advanced Trouble Shooting, Advanced Occlusal Designs (crossbites, end to end, etc) **MUST have taken Ultimate Assistant I or Advanced Posteriors to attend this class

Ultimate Team

Increase Case Acceptance Immediately, Improve Team/Patient Communication, Simplify Case Presentation, Create THE Ultimate TEAM!

Advanced Bridges And Implants

Simplify Bridge and Implant Design, Idealize Function, Proper Adhesion, Bridge Mechanics, Advanced Trouble Shooting, Surgical Guides, Advanced Intraoral Scanning

Private Training

Looking for a custom plan or need help with something else? We can help!