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CAD/CAM Technology

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cad cam technologyDigital technology has created quite they hype in the world of dentistry. CAD/CAM technology such as intraoral and extraoral scanning, 3-D milling and printing, are known buzz words among dental professionals and have been seen as the “new beginning” for prosthodontics in dentistry. Although this advancement of technology may scare some dental lab technicians, the truth is, there will still be a need for skilled artisan technicians, even in this new beginning.

The IDEM Singapore 2014 convention, which welcomes dental professionals including dental lab technicians and owners, focused on the new beginnings of digital technology. Many dental lab technicians have voiced concern regarding the use of CAD/CAM technology among dentists. Does using digital technology shut out dental technicians? That is hardly the case at all.

Currently, CAD/CAM technology is used in only about 8-10% of dental practices in the United States. Dentists in the U.S., United Kingdom, and Europe have been using various forms of digital dentistry for nearly 20 years. The emergence of advanced technology certainly will not push dental labs out of the picture. Although CAD/CAM is ideal for single and quadrant restorations, artisan lab technicians are still necessary to achieve the ultimate results for partial and full mouth prosthodontics.

Yes, using CAD/CAM technology can be an efficient way to provide service to patients but if you are a dental lab, don’t close up shop just yet. Highly skilled artisan technicians will always be needed in dentistry. Communication between the dental practice and the lab is essential when it comes to technical advancements in dentistry.

Dental labs are still the shining star for practices with a high need for prosthetic cases, combination dentistry, and most certainly with removable prosthodontics, such as partials and dentures. So, for all dental professionals reading this, embrace this “new beginning.” It is a great way for dentists and technicians to come together to serve the needs of patients better.

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